2017 Session 

Stage 1 Bad Bills

Last Update: 04/28/17

Stage 1 lists all bill requests. Many will become bills, and move to Stage 2.





Bill Draft #CommentarySponsorTitle
LC1104 CLICKLynch Provide for pre-kindergarten education



Bill Draft #CommentarySponsorTitle
LC1113 Shaw Provide for cloud seeding

Social Issues 


Bill Draft #CommentarySponsorTitle
LC0034 Sands Remove marijuana as a schedule 1 dangerous drug from state law
LC1902 CLICKZ Brown Provide funding for Montana Climate Office



Bill Draft #CommentarySponsorTitle
LC0943 CLICKMcCalfferty Fund Head Start

Bills to Watch (Some Good / Some Bad) 


Bill Draft #CommentarySponsorTitle
LC0035 Sands Remove the three patient limit for providers of medical marijuana
LC1318 Olsen Resolution in support of Standing Rock & opposing use of unconst force
LC2553 Vincent Resolution to delist Montana grizzly bear population from ESA