2019 Session 

Stage 1 Bad Bills

Last Update: 05/04/19

Stage 1 lists all bill requests. Many will become bills, and move to Stage 2.





Bill Draft #CommentarySponsorTitle
LC0067 CLICKKeene Prohibit powerpoint usage
LC2762 CLICKCaferro Establishment of accessible electronic alternative for mail voting
LC3057 CLICKMorigeau Require disclosure of tax returns by candidates for office



Bill Draft #CommentarySponsorTitle
LC1234 CLICKJacobsen Prohibit the sale of expired beer

Social Issues 


Bill Draft #CommentarySponsorTitle
LC0045 CLICKB Smith Revise laws related to religious institutions and taxation
LC1467 B Smith Generally revise Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day

Bills to Watch (Some Good / Some Bad) 


Bill Draft #CommentarySponsorTitle
LC2068 CLICKOlszewski Joint resolution for article v convention