2019 Session 

Stage 2 Bad Bills

Last Update: 03/21/19

Stage 2 lists all bills that are due for their FIRST public hearing. Upcoming hearings are shown in RED. If successful in committee and passed by the House or Senate, they will advance to Stage 3.





Bill #CommentarySponsorHearingTitle
HB655 CLICKDooling 03/25/19Revise drone laws



Bill #CommentarySponsorHearingTitle
HB49 CLICKGarner 03/11/19Create a vehicle occupant safety pilot program



Bill #CommentarySponsorHearingTitle
HB661 CLICKCuster 03/20/19Revise aviation fuel taxation
SB189 CLICKBarrett 02/07/19Establish a carbon tax and distribute revenue
SB242 CLICKWebb 03/19/19Create state park decal

Bills to Watch (Some Good / Some Bad) 


Bill #CommentarySponsorHearingTitle
HB147 CLICKHolmlund 02/01/19Referendum to establish sanctuary city laws in Montana