2019 Session 

Stage 3 Bad Bills

Last Update: 03/21/19

Stage 3 lists all bills that are due for their SECOND (FINAL) public hearing. Upcoming hearings are shown in RED. If successful in committee and passed by the House or Senate, they will advance to Stage 4.





Bill #CommentarySponsorHearingTitle
SB198 CLICKEllsworth 03/14/19Providing legal access to parcels exempt from subdivision review



Bill #CommentarySponsorHearingTitle
SB152 CLICKBarrett 03/21/19Repeal sunset on 6-mill university levy
SB24 CLICKGauthier / / Increase optional light motor vehicle registration fee for parks and recrea

Bills to Watch (Some Good / Some Bad) 


Bill #CommentarySponsorHearingTitle
HB302 CLICKDeVries 03/19/19Constitutional amendment to define person
HJ28 CLICKBartel 03/21/19Joint resolution requesting denial of American prairie reserve grazing perm
SB100 CLICKRegier 03/25/19Requiring the provision of information before the performing an abortion
SB268 CLICKBogner 03/15/19Establish Montana medal of honor highway
SB304 CLICKWebb / / Authorize concealed carry for legislators, & sergeants-at-arms & their depu