2019 Session 

Dead Bad Bills

Last Update: 03/21/19

This Stage lists bills that have either been killed in committee or on the Floor of the House or Senate. (OR if the bill number is missing - the bill request was cancelled soon after requested)





Bill #CommentarySponsorHearingTitle
HB182 CLICKHolmlund N/A Establish the Civil Justice Improvements Act
HB197 CLICKZolnikov N/A Require public agency IT contractors use software to verify hours worked
HB345 CLICKDunwell N/A Provide a stepped increase in minimum wage to a living wage
HB447 CLICKGalloway N/A Allow a grievance committee for water/sewer board complaints
HB460 CLICKZolnikov N/A Require employers to allow veterans the day off on Veterans' Day
HB557 CLICKWinter N/A Provide for online voter registration
SB110 CLICKRipley N/A Volunteer firefighter participation in county health insurance pool
SB120 CLICKMalek N/A Limiting restaurant distribution of plastic straws unless requested
SB190 CLICKPhillips N/A Establish targets, reporting, and monitoring for CO2 emissions
SB249 CLICKFitzpatrick N/A Generally revise transportation laws related to bicycling



Bill #CommentarySponsorHearingTitle
HB165 CLICKMarler N/A Phaseout use of styrofoam
HB392 CLICKBachmeier N/A Provide for a state rock 'n' roll song
HB395 CLICKGarner N/A Revise bicycle passing laws
HB430 CLICKGalloway N/A Referendum for Montana daylight time
HB508 CLICKBachmeier N/A Allow individual at least 16 years old to preregister to vote
HB510 CLICKBachmeier N/A Allow youth election judges
HJ25 CLICKWoods N/A Resolution for limited US Constitutional Convention on elections

Social Issues 


Bill #CommentarySponsorHearingTitle
HB350 CLICKHopkins N/A Eliminate death penalty
HB526 CLICKB Smith N/A Change the name of Columbus Day holiday
SJ11 CLICKSands N/A Study legalizing marijuana recreationally for adult use
SJ8 Barrett N/A Resolution to Congress regarding climate change policy



Bill #CommentarySponsorHearingTitle
HB193 CLICKDunwell N/A Establish a carbon tax and distribute revenue
SB102 CLICKWebb N/A Revise motor vehicle registration fees

Bills to Watch (Some Good / Some Bad) 


Bill #CommentarySponsorHearingTitle
HB153 CLICKEsp N/A Referendum on daylight savings time
HB317 CLICKKeane N/A Generally revise laws related to bill draft requests
HB435 CLICKBishop N/A Provide for gateway local option tax
HB554 CLICKRegier N/A Revising calculation of Public Service Commission salaries
SB143 CLICKCuffe N/A Revise voter registration to end at 5 PM the Friday prior to the election
SB185 CLICKPhillips N/A Prohibit hunting and trapping of wolves near Yellowstone
SJ14 CLICKPomnichowski N/A Joint resolution regarding Cuba