2017 Session 

Dead Bad Bills

Last Update: 04/28/17

This Stage lists bills that have either been killed in committee or on the Floor of the House or Senate. (OR if the bill number is missing - the bill request was cancelled soon after requested)





Bill #CommentarySponsorHearingTitle
HB192 CLICKFern N/A Raise legal dropout age to 18 or upon graduation
HB563 CLICKKelker N/A Establishing Montana preschool grant program
SB361 CLICKVincent N/A Revise education laws related to truancy



Bill #CommentarySponsorHearingTitle
HB380 CLICKCourt N/A Prohibit texting while driving
HB394 CLICKCurdy N/A Adopt national popular vote bill
HB580 CLICKHamlet N/A Provide for primary seat belt law for minors
SB170 CLICKHinebauch N/A Provide civil liability for unmanned aerial vehicle trespass
SB9 CLICKBarrett N/A Provide for a primary seat belt law



Bill #CommentarySponsorHearingTitle
HB169 CLICKDunwell N/A Increase minimum wage
HB503 CLICKPrice N/A Require use of motorcycle helmet in operating motorcycle (hwys)
HB86 CLICKSwanson N/A Allow youth election judges

Social Issues 


Bill #CommentarySponsorHearingTitle
HB264 CLICKKarjala N/A Revise laws related to adverse childhood experiences
HB293 CLICKKelker N/A Revise requirements related to release of patient immunization information
HB366 CLICKHertz N/A Abolish death penalty
HB552 CLICKStewart-Peregoy N/A Repeal English language only laws



Bill #CommentarySponsorHearingTitle
HB330 CLICKAbbott N/A Raise individual income brackets
HB452 CLICKWoods N/A Revise individual income tax rate structure

Bills to Watch (Some Good / Some Bad) 


Bill #CommentarySponsorHearingTitle
HJ8 CLICKTschida N/A Joint resolution for a convention of the states to impose federal fiscal...
SB206 CLICKLavin N/A Eliminate daylight savings time
SB97 CLICKRegier N/A Prohibit the application of foreign law in state courts
SJ12 CLICKKary N/A Resolution for a Art V balanced budget amendment